What To Expect

Your First Visit

Consultation, Exam and X-rays

Dr. York will review and discuss your history and how it may relate to an upper cervical misalignment. A spinal exam will follow, focused on postural distortions and neurological compromise. Positive findings will lead to an x-ray examination utilizing three specialized digital views which will then be analyzed to determine the degree and type of misalignment.

Report of Findings and First Adjustment

Abnormal findings, such as degenerative disc disease, arthritis and loss of the forward cervical curve, as well as how your neck deviates from normal alignment, will be thoroughly discussed prior to the first adjustment. The upper cervical adjustment will be given via a gentle force into the upper neck directed at a specific vector derived from your x-ray analysis. The force is gentle enough for children to easily tolerate, even infants.

Post Exam, X-rays and Care Plan

When the adjustment establishes a balanced pelvis, a post adjustment x-ray is then taken and compared to the initial x-ray to determine the degree of correction and the effectiveness of the established vector and placement. Incomplete corrections can then be addressed by altering the adjusting factors to establish stabilization or “holding the correction”, which is the goal of the Orthospinology Procedure. A recommended standard care plan of 10 visits over the next six weeks and information on how to reduce spinal stress will complete the first visit. Some patients do not need that number of visits over six weeks, and some will require more. Follow-up visits are usually five to ten minutes long and further x-ray study is usually necessary only after significant trauma.

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